In order to deliver top quality service, close communication with customers and a detailed knowledge of the customers needs are absolutely necessary.

Our experts are glad to answer all upcoming customer questions with a short response time.

Here is an overview of technical facts of our production:

  • Minimum order quantitiy: 1
  • No changing time for different configurations
  • Just in time mounting
  • Just in sequence mounting
  • Tyre uniformity measuring
  • Tyre fit optimizer
  • OE match unity
  • testing of plausability, functionality, air pressure with Bartec hard- and software
  • wheel specific data storage depending on customer needs
  • PC based final control; Photo archiving of all produced wheels
  • automatic checking and data archiving of TPMS
  • Tires:
    • 850mm outside-diameter
    • 115 to 325mm width
    • up to  30% low-profile
    • Runflat Tires
  • Rims:
    • 13″ to 22″ in diameter
    • 4 – 12 J Breite
  • Airpressure bell from 1,8 to 4,5 bar
  • TPMS
    • Single-Identification
    • Sensor functionality check